Friday, September 17, 2010

Photos are up!

 The photos are up! Within about 3-4 hours, over 100 of you had participated by contributing to the mural or getting your photo taken (including a dog)!  It's definitely been quite enjoyable to go through all the photos!

Click here or click the button below to access them. Enjoy! (We know we did)

Photo Gallery:
2010 PARK(ing) Day at San Francisco State University - PhotoBooth on Holloway

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Success, Photos

PARK(ing) Day PhotoBooth @ Holloway...

...was a tremendous success!

We had a blast interacting with all of you guys.  Thank you for contributing to this amazing experience.  The mural's end result is simply astounding, filled with creativity, life, diversity, humor, and beauty.  It was awesome to see the mural build up over time and become quite a wonderful piece of art.  The mural -- as well as the entire project -- has been an accumulation of open minds, creativity, and heart.  Hopefully everyone had a great time and learned more about our message -- the promotion of alternative forms of transportation, environmental awareness, parks, community, creativity, and positive energy.

That said...  we will work as fast as we can to get all the photos up!  They should be up within the next few days -- stay tuned!  So far, they're a blast to look at!  And again, thank you for contributing to SFSU's 2010 PARK(ing) Day PhotoBooth -- your contributions were what made this event successful.

- The Team